Kasa Local Platform SDK


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This Crestron Home extension provides a Crestron Home platform interface for controlling Kasa IoT devices via the Kasa local protocol.  Details on the Kasa Smart product line can be found here.  This extension will identify all Kasa devices on the local network and create the necessary extensions for all configured Outlets, Lights, and Switches.  Once the platform has been established and the sub extensions created, they can be placed into the appropriate rooms.  At present, in order to maintain state, polling would need to be added.

This driver requires the new OS4 Beta and the new lighting SDK.

Drivers->Platform->Kasa->Local(Latest Release Notes)  (Download Latest Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

Platform Installer Options

  • Obtain License Key – A link to where a license key can be purchased
  • License Key – the license key is entered here (if a site license is being used then the site license only needs to be entered once)
  • Max Devices – maximum number of devices looking for.
  • Max Attempts – maximum number of attempts via a UDP broadcast to find all of the local Kasa devices
  • Seconds to Wait – number of seconds to wait for feedback on each UDP broadcast
  • Cycle Seconds – number of seconds to poll for the state of each Kasa device


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