Site License

CPLLC has a Site License option which provides access to the entire catalog, both current and any future additions.

The Site License greatly simplifies license key management and provides a cost certainty associated with the specific Crestron Home processor. The installer no longer needs to track multiple license keys as well as there is no need to worry about additional expenses should another extension be needed.

CPLLC also provides a 50% discounted site license for demo rooms and personal residences. Just ask, and a coupon code for use at checkout will be provided.


Licensing is per the MAC address of the Crestron Home processor.

Multiple copies of the same extension can be installed on the Crestron Home processor and only one license to be purchased.

Should the processor need to be changed out, just let us know and new license key will be issued for the new MAC address.

License Manager

The License Manager is required to be installed once in the processor in order to validate the license key associated with one or more licensed extensions. There is no additional purchases required for the License Manager extension as it is free to download and install.

Unless a Site License has been acquired, the extension license(s) should only be placed in the correspoding extension License Key field.

You can download the License Manager, once, within Crestron Home and simply install it with the default settings. Drivers->License Manager->Control Programming LLC->License Manager.

The License Manager does use multicast in the background to communicate between itself and other installed extensions. So multicast needs to be turned on in the network switch.

Trying Before Buying

All of CPLLC’s extension can be installed and tested for a maximum of 2 hours, facilitating trying before buying. If additional time is needed, simply rebooting the processor will provide an additional 2 hours. After two hours, and without a license key, the extension will indicate that the license has expired.

Because of the ability to try before buying, refunds will NOT be issued once a license key has been purchased. This is agreed to when checking out at the point of purchase.

OS Version 4.0+

All extensions with a version number 4.0 or greater use the new SDK and can only be used in a processor that has been upgraded to OS4. Once OS4 has been released and the updated extensions uploaded to Crestron’s download site, only 4.0+ extensions will be downloadable within Crestron Home.

License Expired

Reasons for receiving a “License Expired” error message are:

  1. Forgot to install the License Manager which can be downloaded within Crestron Home as follows Drivers->License Manager->Control Programming LLC->License Manager. This is a free down and just needs to be installed.
  2. Multicast not enabled on the network switch. Multicast is used to communicate between the License Manager and the installed extension/driver.
  3. Placed the extension license key in the Site License entry on the License Manager. The license key should only be placed in the corresponding extension/driver. Remove the license key from the License Manager and reboot.
  4. Incorrect MAC address was provided resulting in a key that does not match the processor. Please check the license key email message and verify that the listed MAC address matches the processor’s where the extension is installed.

Typing the following commands into the CH processor’s console will assist in determining what the license issue is:



Please send the feedback from the “cpllc” command to support.

All extensions have a builtin 2 hour limit where the extension will function 100% without purchasing a license key. This facilitates trying before buying.