DoorBird Relay


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This Crestron Extension provides both programmatic control and UI control of the DoorBird relays.

The DoorBird hardware description can be found here.

Drivers->Relays->DoorBird->Relay (Latest Release Notes) (Download Latest Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

This extension requires the License Manager to also be installed on the Crestron Home processor.  This can be found in Crestron Home at Drivers->License Manager->Control Programming LLC->License Manager.

Installer Options

  • Obtain License Key – clicking on the link will bring up the website where a license key can be acquired.  The key will need to be entered into the field below.
  • Enter License Key – License key obtained above can be placed here
  • Show on Home Screen – checked if you want this visible on the Home screen.  Otherwise leave unchecked.Sho
  • Show on Room Screen – check if you want the tile visible in the Room.
  • IP Address – IP address of DoorBird controller
  • Username – username to control the DoorBird .
  • Password – password  required to control the DoorBird.


  • Relay (1-20) Pulse – action to pulse the corresponding relay (close then open with closure time setup via mobile app)


  • Relay (1-20) Pulsed – event that is triggered when the corresponding relay is closed