Autonomic Controls Favorites

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This extension provides a tile interface for selecting favorites that have been configured for the Autonomic Controls MMS-Xe.    This extension provides both a UI and programmatic favorites selection.

The hardware/product description can be found here.

Drivers->Media Player->Autonomic->Favorites (Latest Release Notes) (Download Latest Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

Installer Options

  • MMS IP Address – IP address of MMS device
  • MMS Specific Player – Specific player to be controlled on the MMS device
  • Show in Home Screen – checked if extension is displayed on home screen
  • Show on Room Screen – checked if extension is displayed on room screen
  • Custom Command 01-10 Name – Autonomics custom command description.  Leave blank if not used.
  • Custom Command 01-10 String – Autonomics command string to execute when the above name has been selected.  Leave blank if not used


  • Execute Command – Select from the above list of names and execute the Autonomics command string.
  • Recall Favorite – Recall a specific favorite from a displayed list
  • Recall Playlist – Recall a specific playlist from a displayed list
  • Next – Recall the next favorite/playlist
  • Prev – Recall the previous favorite/playlist