Kohler DTV+


This Crestron Home extension provides preset control of the Kohler DTV+.

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This Crestron Home extension provides preset control of the Kohler DTV+.  This extension has been reversed engineering and only controls turning a preset on or off.  A description of the Kohler DTV+ system can be found here.

This extension has been reversed engineered and is subject to changes made by the manufacturer.  At present this extension is being revised to adjust to manufacturing changes making this inoperable.

Drivers->Shower->Kohler->DTV+ (Latest Release Notes) (Download Latest Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

Installer Options

  • License Key – the license key is entered here (if a site license is being used then the site license only needs to be entered once)
  • Starting PIN Code – Enter the initial PIN code.  Leave blank to disable PIN codes.
  • Check to Make Visible – checked if you want this visible on the Home screen.  Otherwise leave unchecked.
  • Preset (1-6) Name – Enter the preset’s descriptive text.  If the preset is not active leave it blank.


  • Shower Off – turn shower off
  • Shower On – turn shower on, after selecting the preset by name


  • Shower Is Off – shower has been turned off
  • Shower Is On – shower has been turned on


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