Converging Systems Platform SDK

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This Crestron Home drivers provides a Crestron Home platform interface for control Converging Systems lighting and motor devices .  Details on the Converging Systems product line can be found here.  This extension will retrieve the current configuration of the Converging Sytems for a specific username/password and create the necessary extensions for all configured Motors and Lights.  Once the platform has been established and the sub extensions created, they can be placed into the appropriate rooms.  At present, in order to maintain state, polling would need to be added.

This driver requires the new OS4 Beta and the new lighting SDK.

Drivers->Platform->Converging Systems->Gateway(Latest Release Notes)  (Download Latest Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

Platform Installer Options

  • IP Addres/Hostname – eNode IP address for a telnet connection
  • Port – eNode telnet port number (leave at 23)
  • Username – username required to log into the eNode
  • Password – password required to log into the eNode
  • Number of Wildcard Lights – number of additional lights that can be configured as a wildcard
  • Number of Wildcard Motors – number of additional motors that can be configured as a wildcard