SDK Virtual Light


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The SDK Virtual Light provides a native lighting zone which can be included into rooms/scenes.  It is a switchable lighting zone and the primary purpose is to provide the ability to trigger events on and off when the virtual zone is turned on and/or off.

This driver requires the new OS4 and the new lighting SDK.

Drivers->Lights->Control Programming LLC->Virtual (Latest OS4 Release Notes)  (Download Latest OS4 Version)

Windows utility that simplifies sideloading of drivers and extensions.

Installer Options

  • Obtain License Key – clicking on the link will bring up the website where a license key can be acquired.  The key will need to be entered into the field below.
  • Enter License Key – License key obtained above can be placed here


  • Light is On – triggered when the lighting zone si turned on
  • Light is Off – triggered when the lighting zone is turned off